Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Dreams little man

It's been tough to stay focused and impossible to keep myself from drifting back to the day Dex passed away.  Its been four weeks... I can hardly believe it.  I look at pictures of him and I trace the outline of his sweet face with my finger tips and try to remember what he felt like.   I try to think of him outside of February 14th, but those memories are so strong that I struggle with seeing him any other way.  I wish I could see him clearly in my head when he was lying on the bed by me or sitting in his baby chair.  I wish I had taken more photos, I wish I had taken a video of him...  There are many "I wish" moments in my life right now.... I look at those photos I have of him, both from before and the ones taken from the hospital and he looks like an angel to me.  He looks so beautiful and peaceful... I want to kiss his face and feel him against my lips.  I want to smell him again.  I want to hear his little voice again. I want to see his amazing smile again.... I want to wake up and find that this is nothing but a really bad dream.  I want a lot of things lately, things that most mothers can have anytime they want, but most of all I want my son back.

Today was bad... and tomorrow is a new day.

Sweet Dreams little man, I love you and miss you more than words could ever express! I send my love to you tonight on angels wings!

Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) ~ Dixie Chicks 

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