Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daydreams and 'Son'shine

I'm sitting at the lake today, listening to the geese and the ducks making a racket outside.  Everyone is taking a nap and I am left alone to my thoughts and to enter my mind's world... which I very rarely get to do.  I can't help but wonder what I would be doing with this amazing day if my precious little Dex was with me.  Would we have gone for a walk this morning?  Would we be getting ready to watch Courty and Noah play in the sand?  Would he be lying on the floor smiling at me and laughing?  Clearly, I will never get to know those answers... but I am left to dream and wonder...there are times when my eyes sting with tears, but there are other times I smile and am able to have enjoyment in my daydreams.  There was once a time when my mind's world was filled with dream houses and unlimited riches, but not anymore.  I don't care how much money we have... we can feed, clothe and shelter our children comfortably and thats all that matters now.  I've learned the important things in life aren't things at all, but are the people with whom we choose to share our time with.   There was a time when getting together with old friends was a chore, something we 'should' do, but we often found ourselves too busy.... now I want my kids to know our friends and I want to be with the people that have shared in our lives because they are special and looking back on my life, these are the people that helped shape who I am.   I am looking forward to spending time today with old friends... I know there will be laughs and tears and that is perfectly acceptable.   I may not be able to say what I would be doing today if my sweet little Dex was here with me physically, but he is in my heart, now and always... and today WE are going to enjoy the sand, take in the sun and spend time with good people who love us and are helping to hold our hearts to lessen our pain!

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