Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The 'Finishing Touches'

Lots of times we get caught up in the 'finishing touches' of life.   We want the Christmas tree to be perfect, so we add just a few finishing touches and just like that, it's done, beautiful and finished....Finishing touches complete the look, they symbolize the end, they mean its over... On Monday, Nate and I will be picking out the 'finishing touches' on our little boys headstone.  I'm dreading the day... no one should have to think about what they want to have on their child's headstone. It's not natural.  What I am struggling with is the idea that 'this is it'... when that is done, there will be no more loose ends to tie up, there will be no more planning, there will be no more anything, just memories.  It feels like the book is closing and instead of continuing to have a story to tell, all we can do is talk about what a great read it was while it lasted.   Nate and I have realized our children's stories are not ours to write, we've learned that our plans don't always lay out the way we would like, bad things happen to good people and no one is excused from the possibility of tragedy...  all we can do is guide our kids, encourage them, teach them right from wrong, keep Christ in the center of their lives and pray that someday their children will get to put the 'finishing touches' on their LONG life! 

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