Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If only life was fair

Today I learned of a family who lost their baby to (suspected) SIDS this morning.  A 5 month old little boy.... its almost hard to explain how it felt to hear that news.  Like a punch in the gut... it took my breath away and I immediately wanted to go to this family.  I want to wrap my arms around that mother and sob with her! I want to cry for her loss, I want to cry for my loss... I know how hard life becomes after losing your child.  I'm scared for them.... it's such a painful experience and I pray they have a good support unit holding them up right now because I know that is how Nate and I have made it through so far.  Please pray for this family...  PRAY for a cure to end to SIDS... OR gosh, lets start with praying they figure out what the hell SIDS is! I'm sick to my stomach right now that someone else is going through what we did.  Life is SO WICKEDLY unfair!  My heart is heavy with anger and hurt right now... I just want to scream "THEY ARE ONLY BABIES...why them!?!"  It has become painfully obvious, upon hearing this news, that my broken heart is still terribly tender.

Hold My Heart ~ Tenth Ave. North 

I miss you Declan!! I love you SO SO SO much little man :( 

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