Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I love you

Noah... I love the way you laugh... I love your sensitive heart and your caring soul...I love your awesome sense of humor... I love your passion for life.  You can melt my heart with the glance of your eye.  I see in you the best of your dad and the best of me.  The moment I met you, my life was forever changed for the better.  You have enriched my life and continue to make it better!!  Thank you for being my son! I love you.

Courtlynn... Your laugh is infectious, your smile contagious! You can make me laugh even when I am feeling at my lowest.  I love your sweetness, I love your courage, I love your "my way or the highway" attitude,  I love the way you love others.  You bring tears of happiness to my eyes when you run to my arms yelling, "mommy!"  God blessed me a 1000 times over when he chose me to be your mom.  I love you.

Declan Lloyd.... oh little man, my heart breaks, I miss you so much.  I've loved you since the moment I found out I was going to have you.  You came into our lives and blessed us with your presence.  I love you for bringing so much joy and completeness to my life.  I love you for that AMAZING smile you had. I love you for your sweet giggle, I love you for MANY MANY reasons, but most of all I love you because you are my child.  You belong to me... You may be gone from this world, but you left your mark on many people.  You will not be forgotten and I will love you every moment of everyday until my heart stops. I will not be afraid of dying because I know I will being wrapping my arms around you when that time comes.  I LOVE YOU!!!

Peanut... you came into our lives so very unexpectedly, but we were both so excited to have you be a part of our family.  When we found out you had passed away, we were both devastated.  I can only imagine how excited you were when you met Declan at heaven's door... welcoming him with arms wide open.  I can envision the two of you running, playing and laughing up there in heaven.  I can't wait to meet you!  I LOVE YOU!!

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