Friday, June 15, 2012

He's everywhere

I read a story about a parent having a conversation with her child who has passed on.  In the story the child tells the mom not to cry, because he is everywhere... in the cool breeze, in the warm rays of sunshine, in the plump raindrops... EVERYWHERE.  When I read the story I didn't get any delusional hopes of seeing Declan floating on my shoulder (although wouldn't that be cool) but it did help me to remember that Declan lives in heaven with God... and God is EVERYWHERE... which I choose to mean, Dex is everywhere.  I couldn't help but smile last night as we drove home from Target. The weather had been temperamental since the kids and I had gotten home, sun shining one moment and the next the thunder was rolling and Courty was running to me, arms out stretched, seeking comfort that only moms can provide and shouting,  "boom boom! mommy, I scared!"  (which I secretly love...cuddle time is always fun!) While we were at Target, the weather continued to be dreary.  It was pouring, we could hear the raining falling on the roof, it was so loud.  It rained the whole time we were checking out....then as we were about to make our way out, it stopped...not even drizzling, just done! We loaded up the car, thankful the rain was over, we took off and within 2 minutes it was raining again.  Nate and I looked at each other and said, that was Declan! Dex is just have to know where to look. 

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