Monday, June 11, 2012

Declan's Dreamers...

Declan's supporter!
My cup runneth over...
Yesterday we 'Walked to Remember'... remember the babies who have passed away for no reason and way before they should have, remember the families that have suffered through the pain of losing their child... we walked to remember Declan. It was my first ever 5k.  I had big plans to run the whole way, but as typical in my life, 'busyness' kept me from training as much as I would have liked. Oh well... Declan had 66 supporters at the walk...66!! How unbelievably awesome!  Nate and I were overwhelmed with gratitude and were once again humbled by the generosity of the human spirit!  It was a bitter sweet day... fun to be together, yet heartbreaking to realize why we were there.  There were tons of people at the Walk and I couldn't help but wonder about their stories.  I couldn't help but wonder about the moment they realized they now had a cause to fight for...a reason to look beyond human nature's selfish tendencies and stand up for a greater good.   That moment when you are taken back by life's unfairness and you want to stand up to someone and shout "You can't do THIS!" I obviously remember my moment very vividly...when I realized I could no longer sit idly but needed to fight for other babies, needed to stand up for Declan's memory and not allow SIDS to win.  I look at Declan's group of supporters and I see 66 people that felt the same... 66 people who didn't need to be at the Walk yesterday, but were...66 people who hauled their families out on a HOT HOT day to stand up for us and for Declan....I see 66 people who have decided to say SIDS suck! I see 66 people who I am thankful for... 66 people who I want to say "I LOVE YOU!" too... 66 people who are willing to keep my son's memory alive.... I see 66 more reasons to prove that there is good in this world and life is worth living! THANK YOU to all of Declan's Dreamers... you amaze me!

The group: Nate, Holle, Noah, Courtlynn, Court, Gayle, Lance, Aileen, Eileen, Cian, Katlyn, Jeff, Lynn, Jenn, Ryan, Matt, Heather, Emily, Heidi, Jayne, Eric, Mallory, Isabella, Hayden, Erica, Andy, Jen, Stacy, Jolene, Gavin, John, Lynne, Wilson, Jaylyn, Carrie, Jeff, Riley, Maddy, Jessie, Dana, Dave, Joe, June, Brent, Ruby, Jessica, Chirs, Cana, Henrick, Sarah, Rocky, Jess, Ben, Stella, Henrick, Bill, Michele, Reed, Lizzy, Ava, Nolan, Mike, Lisa, Jenna, Wade, and last but certainly not least, Jack


  1. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day! The kids were so proud to be there and be walking/scooting for a cause! - Michele

  2. Holle, for the first time I've come across your blog and your family's story. It is clear that the Holy Spirit is present in your family and giving you the strength to spread this powerfull message of your son Declan eternal life in Heaven with our Savior Jesus Christ.

  3. It was a great day and we were so honored to be a part of it!!