Thursday, February 21, 2013

This is NOT good-bye

I don't know if I have posted this song before or not... but today it is moving me... filling my spirit with hope and a longing for the day I WILL see my sweet Dex again.

Westlife - I'll see you Again

Death was never part of God's plan... my suffering was not a part of some evil plan He set against me.  Death is a result of sin and the devil.  I sin and you sin... to expect that I would be above hurt and pain is the result of my sinful, selfish nature.... because I live in a world filled with sin, I will experience pain and I will be hurt again.  I need to keep my eyes to heaven, my hope directed towards the promise that I am made for SO much more... that my potential will not be fully met until I walk through heaven's gates.  The day Declan left us was not good-bye...  and today, that knowledge brings me hope and gives me goosebumps for what that moment will be like.   

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