Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happiness is... Challenge, week 1

As I mentioned in one of my previous post, I gave myself a challenge to snap a photo a day for the month of March to help me realize how lucky I am, how blessed I continue to be and that even with the great sadness I carry in my heart, there is always room for my happiness.  Here are the photos I captured this past week.

Day 1 
Happiness is... watching Co Co Bean play 'kitchen' while I am busy cooking supper.  Her little hat and apron are enough to bring a smile to any body's face! 

Noah is REALLY into his legos and this kid has an imagination like no one else... I couldn't resist feeling his happiness as he was telling me all about this piece...  So day 1 bonus - Happiness is... building legos and taking pride in your son's passion! 

Day 2
Happiness is... having friends to spend time with! 
It proved to be a challenge to get the kids to sit long enough to get even this photo, so yes, they have zombie eyes and fake smiles  :)  but trust me, a good time was had by all! 

Day 3
Happiness is... giving our old, unused toys to others. 
We had planned on dropping our two bags of toys off at Goodwill after church on Sunday, but while we were at church a woman was talking about her experience in Nicaragua and how the children in the orphanage LOVED the toys they brought to them... so plans changed and we dropped off our toys right at church!  Praise God for the inspiration to do that... 

Day 4
Happiness is... watching my children play in the snow! 
Fresh snow... and LOTS of it!  The kids have been having a blast playing in all the white stuff out there! 

Day 5
Happiness is... having daddy home after having to drive in the snow storm!
Thank God for safe travels! 

Day 6
Happiness is... my sugar free, skim milk latte with my husband.
Can you guess which one is the sugar free one?  Yes, the boring one on the left... Nate's is the one drizzled in carmel!  Our kids go to Sunday school on Wednesday nights, which gives us 1 hour of alone time!  Hey... sometimes its the little things that keep us going! 

Day 7
Happiness is... enjoying this beautiful morning, with the snow crusted trees and rustic old barn... and knowing it will be one of the last ones of this winter! :) 
I love morning like today, but am so thankful that we are coming to the end of this winter. Spring is an amazing season and I can't wait to see the buds on the trees, the green grass making its way up through old dried up leaves, the baby animals running around the farm houses I pass each day... 

I have really enjoyed this challenge so far... I look forward to finding a moment that steals my smile and makes me forget, for just a moment, how tender my heart still is and allows me to see the beauty that remains! 


  1. You can also add....Happiness is a freezer full of meals you don't have to plan :) !!! Love you!