Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No more tomorrows

9 months ago today.... the day started like most other days, kind of.  Declan woke up around 5 like he had been doing for weeks.  I fed him, cuddled with him and put him back down when I needed to start getting ready.  He slept until around 6:15-ish.  The kids woke up and got dressed in their valentines day best. Nate stayed home that morning because we had decided to put our precious puppy down. (actually she was 10 year olds... nowhere near a puppy, but that is what we called her)  She was an anxious mess and starting to get snappy with the kids, not to mention she had ruined every shade we had in our previous house and in our rental town home here.  Anyway, because we knew that this would be the last day with Emma, we lined the kids up on the bed and tried to get a photo with Emma... she wasn't having any of it.  Got two photos of the kids with a flash of white on the side as Emma quickly slithered away... little did I know those would be the last photos we would take of our complete family.  We had given the kids their valentines day presents in the morning, so they were busy checking out their new toys. Declan received three 'chunky' books of animals and Noah was so excited to watch his new "Reel Steal" movie as SOON as he got home from school.  He even asked if he could watch it with Declan. I can't remember what we gave miss Co-Co Bean.  Afterwards, I was busy getting Noah's valentines day cards into his backpack. Then I got Declan into his car seat, kissed his fat cheeks and sent them on their way... that was the last time I saw him awake.  The last time I saw his eyes... the last time I heard his voice.  What would I have done differently had I known?!  How would I change that day if I knew there would be no more tomorrows?

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