Friday, October 26, 2012

An unexpected God Nod

Nate from Starbucks in Brainerd, MN!  Thanks for your
random act of kindness... it meant more than you realized!
I had a unexpected God Nod the other day on my way to a conference.  I had ordered a coffee and when I went to pay for it, I couldn't find my check card.  I quickly told the cashier to stop making my coffee because I didn't have a way to pay for it.   Without hesitation, I was told not to worry about it.  At first I wasn't sure I was being understood... I repeated that I had no way to pay for it and I was told, "Don't worry about it.  It's on us. I hope you find your card."  I was a bit taken aback. I went out to my car and found my card in my suitcase... I went back in and told them I could now pay for it and I was told again "No seriously, it's no big deal.  I am glad you found your card."  It was pretty cool.  I couldn't help but think that this was a sign... a GOD NOD from God and Declan that they too are excited for our "little things with BIG love" campaign.  Without having any idea that Nate and I were about to embark on our first ever Random Acts of Kindness project, Starbucks beat me to my first act and I ended being on the receiving side!  I thought about that free cup of coffee all week at my conference and continued to get chills thinking about it... I felt so good getting that coffee... I am  SO excited to make other people feel as good as I did!  The whole situation was reaffirming to me that our 'little things with BIG love' campaign is the right way to honor our son's life at this moment...

I also learned of a co-worker of Nate's who was out to eat with his daughter in St. Paul... he saw a homeless man and began talking to him.  He said as they were speaking, he remembered 'little things with BIG love' and decided to buy the man his supper.  I can only imagine how the man with no home felt,  as he sat with a full tummy and pondering why a stranger was so kind.  I am positive that Declan was smiling down from heaven, knowing that this man's battle was a little easier for the evening!  Thank you Dennis for sharing your story with us and for extending your kindness in honor of Declan!

My friend Stacy also felt the need to show her love and she purchased ice cream treats at DQ for the couple behind her in the drive thru... I am sure it was the highlight of their night!  Thanks Stacy!!

I'm pretty excited to start our campaign, we have three weeks until the kick off, but if the opportunity presents itself to show your kindness in honor of Declan, please do!

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