Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hope Rocks

Nate and I sneaking a trip on the red carpet :) 
Nathan and I spent this past Friday evening volunteering at Hope Rocks... a benefit for Faith's Lodge.  Faith's Lodge is an AMAZING place for families who are grieving the loss of a child. Families can go, free of charge, and be surrounded by other families who have lost children, the beauty of northern Wisconsin and have almost their every whim provided for them.  My family went this past July and LOVED it.  It was one of the only places we've been in the past 8 months that we didn't have to have our guards up... that we could talk about Declan whenever, wherever and however we wanted AND the families there knew what we were talking about... they had been in our shoes and could understand and add their own perspective to our stories.  It was so wonderful to be able to have gone there.  Nate and I have felt so strongly moved by this wonderful place that we really wanted to do something to give back to them... so we volunteered at this super fun concert called HOPE ROCKS.  It was a really great time.  The wonderful people of Faith's Lodge who spent countless hours setting it up, organizing the auctions and planning an evening of entertainment did a phenomenal job!   One of the best parts about being there was reconnecting with some friends we made at the Lodge, meeting up with other families that we have had the pleasure of meeting along this journey and getting to know new families who have traveled the same road we do.  It was such a moving evening for us... several people asked us if we had volunteered there before... It made me think of how much has changed over the past 8 months for us... a year ago at this time I was pregnant, waiting and anticipating the arrival of our baby.  I was under the false impression that bad things don't happen to good people... I was living with rose colored glasses on... in a bliss of happiness at the life I was living.  Prior to our loss, I didn't know such an amazing organization existed nor do I think I would have understood the importance of Faith's Lodge...    although I wish I didn't have a reason to care about Faith's Lodge as much as I do, I am glad it has been a part of my life... I am glad it is there for other families...I am glad I was able to give back! 

The volunteers... good group of people! 

Eric Hutchinson... first musician to perform!  He was really good!

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  1. So glad you had fun and were able to give back to something that gave so much to you!