Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God hugs

We had a meeting with Phil from Benson's funeral home on Thursday at 1pm.   Nate and I had a few things we needed to pick up so we drove up by ourselves.  When we had talked with Pastor Dennis the day before I told him there were two songs that I wanted at Declan's funeral... I can only Imagine and Untitled Hymn.   When Nate and I were pulling into Worthington, I Can Only Imagine came on the radio. Both Nate and I sobbed through the entire song.  We ran into the mall and did our shopping, came back out and turned on the car, just as Untitled Hymn came on the radio.

When we returned home on Monday, the 20th Nate and I were both in the bathroom getting ready.  I happened to looked at our flip calendar - Praying for your children - and noticed it was still set to the 14th of February.  When I read it I was shocked because the whole passage was about 'the initial pain of releasing our children... knowing when we release them we are giving them back to God and they are in good hands...'  I found it impactful so I picked it up to show Nater.  When I held it out to him to read, I noticed the date on the back side of the calendar was November 18th... Declan's birthdate.

Coincidence, I think not.  I like to think of it as a "God Hug".  God's way of letting us know Declan is ok and that maybe we will be too someday.


  1. God IS everywhere...some times are more obvious than others. And Declan is right there beside Him.

  2. Holle, that is so beautiful! Yes, God was speaking to you and giving you the biggest hug ever! What a beautiful sign from God and how wonderful that you recognized it for what it was. I think it was also a sign from Declan and a hug from him too. Little Declan knew nothing but love all his life and he was giving it back to his Mommy and Daddy. How beautiful that you and Nate were together when you saw the calendar.

  3. wow, Holle...i'm blessed to have read your blog tonight.