Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Struggling with IT

I find that when I am tired or not feeling the best or just plain in a bummed out mood, 'it' really weighs on me.   'It' being grief... 'it' being the loss of Dex... 'it' being everything and anything.  People use the word "it" often....  It's time to get over 'it'.  How do you handle 'it'?  How has 'it' changed you?  "It" reminds me of one of those words that people use to talk about some elusive entity... some secret thing that no one can fully describe because they don't really know what 'it' is, but they know that it is something...  today the word 'it' means my disbelief that my son died.  I look at his photos and I just can NOT believe it.  I don't understand how this happened to us!  How did death so quickly sneak into our lives and steal what was most important?  How do you recover from that?!  How do you not let 'it' ruin your life? Why do we have to have that kind of 'it' in our lives?   It did happen though... it is real.  It has tripped us up, but we continue to try to figure 'it' out... we continue to work on moving forward.

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  1. I know Holle...I did the same thing yesterday. :( Just seems so incredibly unreal at times. *sigh* The good thing is that you have wonderful support from family and friends. For us, we're so thankful for GriefShare! Sometimes it's just good to know you're not alone. ((hugs))